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Pompey in the Community Disability Provision

Bluesability Hub
The Bluesability Hub is a new initiative added to Pompey in the Community’s (PitC) disability provision. It offers a social group for adults who have a form of disability. The weekly group meets at Fratton Park’s Victory Suite and provides a chance to socialise over a warm drink and cake before taking part in a variety of activities such as archery, new age kurling, boccia and dance, craft activities; cake decorating, colouring and mosaics and some food-based activities. The Bluesability Hub takes place every Thursday morning from 10am-12pm.

Adult Pan-Disability Football
PitC’s Pan-Disability football session takes place at the Mountbatten Centre every Thursday evening from 5pm-6pm. This is an open football session for anyone with a disability to come along, get involved and enjoy playing football. Our sessions consist of a mixture of football drills, game related practice as well as mini-fixtures to get us match ready and work well as a team. PitC have two teams which take part in the Eastleigh FC Community Trust Pan-Disability football league, one in the participation league and one in the championship league. We are always on the lookout for new players, so come-along and enjoy the beautiful game!

Junior Pan-Disability
PitC have been working hard to expand their Junior Pan-Disability programme over the last year. Our Junior Pan-Disability football sessions are held on Tuesday evening from 5pm-6pm at the Mountbatten Centre, for children aged 6-16 years old. The sessions are free and allow the children to enjoy playing football. The group has links with Berewood Panthers FC, should the children wish to join a grass roots disability football team.
Pan-Disability Holiday Courses are a less football orientated and encompass many sports from archery to multi-skills, rounders to rocket ball. Holiday courses run during all the major school holidays.

Every Player Counts – Cerebral Palsy Football Session
It is a great opportunity for anyone with Cerebral Palsy or any limb impairment to get together and play mini- fixtures as well as develop football skills and build relationships. We are looking to expand numbers at this session as we would like to begin to build a strong squad to take part in fixtures against other teams – we can’t do that without you! This programme takes place on a Tuesday evening between 7pm-8pm at the Mountbatten Centre.

PitC have recently embarked on a new adventure! We are working hard to learn Makaton – a form of sign language, which is used as a way of communicating through signs, speech and symbols which encourages and develops speech. We would like to be able to support our service users who use Makaton as part of their language and we have been training staff in basic Makaton signing in and around the office. We hope to be able to use this during our sessions. We currently have a Makaton choir consisting of a group of school children who learn to sing and sign new songs each week.

Want some more information or would like to take part in any of the above sessions? Contact Chris Plow: [email protected]


  1. I am trying to raise awareness and highlight this situation in hope to resolve it in aid of getting children with cerybral palsy the correct footwear to play football, I.e football boots. Their is no stores around for example sport shops like jd, addidas, sport’s direct…. you can’t purchase football boots easily or at all for children with cerybral palsy. I have a cousin who unfortunately has cerybral palsy extremely severely and I also have a nephew with cerybl palsy who is much more able and mobile as he only has it mildly. He goes to a school with other children who also have a diagnosis of a learning disability. Adam loves to play football and has recently taken a big interest with it having such a positive effecton his wellness, health, fitness, mobility and confidence, I have found that there isn’t football boots to suit his needs as he is very flat footed and walks inwards.

    Adam also has to where a splint at home as advised by the doctor. This is to support his legs but when he Is outdoors playing football he can run and play football very well. I think there will be hundreds If not thousands of children with the same problem and sadly struggling to buy the best footwear.

    As we have seen in the news recently with the Manchester city player, Jack greenish supporting little finnly who suffers also with cerybral palsy. Finnly also stated that they don’t make football boots for children like him and it melted my heart.

    I find it very sad that these children do not have the same opportunities as others and should be able to purchase football boots that cater for there disability and needs at affordable prices and in all the same sports stores and high-street names where everybody else goes to buy them. 

    I am writing in hope for support as I am hoping to try raise some money either for research into this problem and I want to make it possible that these children can play football and have the correct footwear (football boots).

    I am not sure where to start with this and any help, advice and support would be very valued and much appreciated. 

    Thank you for your time

    Sophie Logan

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