Portsmouth: City of Football


Portsmouth is now in the running for the title of 'City of Football', after being shortlisted along with Nottingham and Manchester. The bid was submitted to Sport England, who are funding the £1.6 million initiative. So let's stand up and make ourselves heard. We need your help more than ever - post your support on our Twitter: @pompeycof & Facebook: Pompeycof or Pinterest: Portsmouth City of Football , take a picture of yourself with a football anywhere in the city, write us a letter or record a short video.

Nelson’s Crew

If you are aged up to and including 14, why not  join Nelson's Crew and show your support for Pompey.

Become one of Nelson's Crew today and you will receive a welcome letter, your membership card and an exclusive gift.

We will send out (via email) a monthly newsletter, with competitions, Pompey facts and exciting offers.

Don’t forget Nelson’s Crew members also get a 10% discount on Pompey in the Community’s holiday courses and birthday parties.

We will also enter you into the  match day draw to become a Pompey mascot so you can have a pre-match experience out on the pitch with the players before a Pompey home game.

Remember the sooner you join, the sooner you’ll start to benefit.

Simply click the link below to join online, membership costs £20 for the year or £10 per year if you're a season ticket holder.

Nelson Crew Online application 

Walking Football


Walking Football is an inclusive, sociable and fun version of five-a-side football. The rules are adapted so there is no running, and very little contact. With less stress on the body and no real sudden change of direction or cutting movements, the game allows participants to play without apprehension. But the sport is still competitive and play can be tactical, favouring those who take their time to read the pitch around them. The benefits for older age groups are tremendous and can offer an improvement in cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility and co-ordination. 

If you would like to take part, please come along to Charles Dickens Centre on Lake Road (PO1 4DY) between 10.30am and 11.30am on Tuesdays.
For more information, contact Paul Allen 023 9272 8899 or email paul.allen@pompeyitc.org.uk