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Pompey in the Community has been the one constant of Portsmouth Football Club over the recent tumultuous years. Despite the difficulties these challenges have presented, Pompey in the Community has managed not only to survive, but to thrive. We are now looking to expand our facilities to cope with the ever increasing demands upon our programmes. Please visit our Crowdfunding website and show your support for Pompey in the Community. Your support is really appreciated so please start donating now.

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You've done it in FIFA and Football Manager, now do it for real!

Now it's your chance to take on an interactive on-line career of your own. Achieve badges, compete in mini leagues against your friends and attend special events in the city to get yourself even more career points! Best of all it doesn't matter at what stage of the game you are in, whether you are a beginner, a person who considers themselves in retirement or a seasoned pro, our platform enables people to compete at all levels.