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Life ‘n’ Chimes is back

Participants Pat and Margaret talk to PitC

Pompey in the Community’s Life ‘n’ Chimes project has just restarted!

Life ‘n’ Chimes works with people living with – or at risk of developing – dementia and those who feel socially isolated. The group meet once a week on Wednesday mornings here at the Pompey in the Community office, as well as going on visits to local theatres, the cinema, bowling alleys and the dockyard.

Long-time Life ‘n’ Chimes members, Pat and Margaret have lived in Portsmouth all their lives; they discuss how the project has impacted them.

Are you glad to be back?

Both: Definitely, yes!

What kinds of things do you usually get up to here?

P: So many things! We really do so much here. We all knitted and crocheted poppies, we have singers and sing-alongs, and Pompey Pluckers come to visit with their ukuleles.

M: And there’s colouring, there’s puzzles on the table, we often end the session with a couple rounds of bingo that everyone enjoys. Just all a really nice social outing for us.

Do you have a particular favourite activity?

M: The chatting!

P: Yes, we do have a good laugh about things. I don’t think I have anything in particular that is favourite—it’s just nice to be here and just be with everybody again.

How has Life ‘n’ Chimes impacted your life?

M: For me, I think with most of the people here, I didn’t know a lot of them, but have really got to know them since they’ve come here. It’s all just very friendly.

P: I used to come with my husband, before he passed away, and it was good for him as if I went to get a coffee or something, I know someone would see to him while I’m away. Everyone looks after everybody else, which is important.

So, Life ‘n’ Chimes is an important thing for you?

M: Yeah, I think it is really. It’s every week and it’s nice for everyone to get together again.

P: There lots of people that have come and unfortunately have now passed away—my husband for one. So, it’s a bit difficult to come back sometimes. But you definitely need to do these things sometimes.

Pat has been part of the programme for 4 years and Margaret has been going from the first year; now 5 years ago.

Life ‘n’ Chimes is always open to new participants to join their friendly programme. For more information visit:

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